cartina-san-bartolomeoYou start from the church square of Pomonte, by a paved street, to get on the road that leads through the upper part of the village. Walk towards the Valley of the path near a large granite slab covered with pear cactus.

The first part of the path (C.A.I. no. 4) is the ancient road linking Pomonte and Marciana. Soon you come to the living quarters, the granite rocks and old vines. Although the vine terraces are relied on for years, they still remain in the sunny valley.

The retaining walls, brick dry built, are still visible. The pedestrian path is well accessible, at least in the first part. In about 30 minutes walk, you reach a magnificent terrace from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley of Pomonte up to the top of Monte Capanne.

As higher you get as more dense the vegetation is.

Go up the path for about 1.5 hours before an old warehouse (about 400 meters) arrives, and from there it is just a few minutes to a crossroad. Take the path on the left side towards the southwest (C.A.I. no. 3). Here the path is curvy on the south side of the hill and the vegetation adapts to the level as the gorse.

In about 15 minutes walk from the intersection, you reach a point where you change to the north side of the hill, here you have a beautiful view of the valley of Chiessi and the sea which separates Corsica from Elba. A brief stop at the Romanesque church of San Bartolomeo is definitely recommended; Remains of worship can be found on the left side of the road shortly after the descend towards Chiessi.

The descent towards the village is short, but the pedestrian walkway must be used with caution. In the north, the vegetation is bushy and more developed, thanks to the contact with the fresher wind. So the soft rock rose and gorse and leave the land of the maquis f“or Erica arborea”, “Quercus ilex” and the “Arbutus unedo”.

Once in Chiessi, you hike about 2 km on a paved road (passable by foot in about 20 minutes), if you prefer to take a wild way there is the “Via del tramonto”, which the two villages Chiessi and pomonte connects.