The new path from the Costa del Sole

15 km immersed in Mediterranean scents, with views of the sea and behind you is only vegetation!

This path was opened 22 April 2011. This project was developed through collaboration between the Association of Costa del Sole, Acqua dell’Elba, the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and Legambiente.

The path has 15 kilometers, mostly along the coast and always with a view of the sea. It also connects the villages of the south-west coast of the island of Elba from Colle d’Orano until Cavoli you hike through Chiessi, Pomonte, Fetovaia and Seccheto. The trail is open all year long, so you can discover this corner every season anew. Enjoy the calm and peace.

The trail offers a remarkable variety of environments, from holm oak forest to maquis with rock rose, ending with the unmistakable scent of lavender and rosemary, a treasure of Mediterranean biodiversity, also observe their historical appearance.