The southwest of the island of Elba is ideal for an active hiking vacation. In the mid and low season our hotel organizes free walking tours with local experts to give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful trails of the Costa del Sole.

There are a huge variety of colors and scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, you’ll be impressed by rosemary, lavender, juniper, arbutus and myrtle. Hike in the shade of the chestnut trees and oaks of Monte Capanne and watch the mouflon, the undisputed champion in our mountains.

On the many hiking trails that lead you through the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, you will reach the summit of Mount Capanne (1019 meters above sea level) by one of the greenest and most beautiful valleys of the island of Elba.

You will also discover the testimonies of ancient settlements: the remains of Villanova, of Romanesque churches from the Middle Ages and the Caprili, shelters for shepherds, which are typical of the Costa del Sole.

Our hotel is equipped to support you in choosing the route. We know the most beautiful hiking trails and provide our guests with walking maps.