Elba is the largest of the seven islands of the Tuscan archipelago and Italy’s third largest island, with a coastline of 147 km away. The coast of Elba is characterized by an incredible variety of different landscapes with romantic fishing villages. Elba is found from small villages which are high on a hill, with lush valleys to take up to bays with sandy beaches or small pebbles and rocks wonderful ideal for a refreshing swim.

The mountain offers in contrast to the charming coastal and sea beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. On Elba, you will find countless trails for walking, hiking and Nordic walking to the summit of Monte Capanne, which is easily reached by cable car. The Monte Capanne has a altitude of 1019m and is the highest point on the island of Elba and offers impressive views of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Any visitor can create their ideal holiday. Because Elba offers a vast and varied range in a relatively small space, which not every holiday place can. The underwater world of Elba is a true paradise, the mountains surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, beautiful beaches and coves surrounded by the pure nature.

The Legend sais that the Tuscan Archipelago was created of a pearl of the necklace of the goddess Venus (goddess of beauty and love). The goddess lost while swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea 7 pearls of her necklace. From the 7 pearls originated the 7 islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Without a doubt, this myth has some truth in it, because these islands are heavenly beautiful.

Visitors to the Island of Elba, which are the first time here, are literally amazed by the beauty of the island. Vocal in the off-season, the island of Elba is a real treasure, free from mass tourism, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Anyone who has ever been on the island of Elba, will come back, because the scents and flavors of the island leave emotions that no one can forget.