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The mild climate of the Costa del Sole favors stays in the low season. In spring you can see Elba blossoming and in autumn it’s great because the days are still warm just before the island goes into hibernation. In the low season you will find here a place to spend a relaxing holiday and to regenerate, relax the mind and soul or for the dynamic ones who want to practice their favorite sport, also with the help of special guided tours organized by the hotel: diving, hiking , mountain bike and kayak.

Discover how to enjoy a wonderful day on the beach of Elba, even in low season. Find absolute tranquility by strolling along the “Via delle Essenze”, intoxicated by scents that are often forgotten.

In summer there are numerous opportunities to take part in competitions, also of international importance: sailing, surfing, mountain biking, trail running, running, golf, rallies and many other sports.

Remains of Villanova villages, Romanesque churches from the Middle Ages, Pisan and Etruscan fortresses, ovens, watchtowers, Caprili, typical shelters of the shepherds of the Costa del Sole, the ancient granite quarries, traces of the terraced cultivation technique… these and many other testimonies of our territory, that are worth discovering during a holiday on Elba…

Also, don’t miss the visits to the Napoleonic, archaeological and mineral museums, the disused iron mines or the Medici walls…

Spend your days enjoying gastronomic tours and cultural and sporting events in which our island is the protagonist…

You will not regret it!!

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