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Elviscott Shipwreck

The ship Elviscott, a 62 meter long merchant ship that set sail from Naples towards Marseille, capsized on the rocks in Pomonte in January 1972.

The wreck Elviscott now lies on the east side of Ogliera Rock, just 12 meters down on the sandy bottom, and has become one of the main tourist attractions; It is in fact one of the few dives that can be done on Elba without the help of a boat.

You start swimming or pedal boating from Pomonte beach to reach the nearby rock of Ogliera, where lies the hull of the ship that sank due to a storm that pushed it against the rocks of the coast.

In the interstices of the wreck one can easily spot congers, bream and octopus that have made the wreck their haven, while the reflections of the sun’s rays entering through the portholes create ideal effects for unusual photo shoots.

Exploring the Elviscott is easy thanks to the reduced depth that provides brightness and transparency. A magnificent dive accessible to all divers and snorkelers, even to the youngest.

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