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The history of Hotel Sardi starts in the ’20s, as an inn managed by grandmother Sebastiana hosting the first brokers who came to Pomonte to buy wine.

In 1969, when tourism was starting to move the first steps to the discovering of Elba Island, Sardi Silvano and Antonietta Anselmi decided to start a new and modest management that took the name of “Pensione da Sardi”, continued then by their son Marchilio.

It is tradition that all the Sardi family always took care of renewing the structure and improving the services maintaining anyway the typical cuisine of Elba Island and offering our clients an atmosphere of tranquillity that is framed by a splendid landscape.

The Sardi Family Today
Famiglia Sardi

This is our family, the parents Marchilio and Odetta started the company together in the 70s and the two daughters Laura and Chiara continued their work to provide guests with all the dedication and passion. They strive to ensure their guests with discretion and kindness, in an intimate atmosphere, to convey a warm feeling of peace and tranquility.

Our greatest satisfaction is when the customer comes as a guest and as is often the case, leave as a friend. The guests should keep to the territory in the heart of the island of Elba, our little village, our hospitality and our love and respect.

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