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Pomonte, from Latin post montem, laid down at the foot of the imposing and sunny Mount San Bartolomeo, is one of the most characteristic hamlets of the commune of Marciana. In the ample valley, the most widespread one of the island, that stretches out behind the inhabited area, outstretched up to the sea, resist the old terracings set on a net of dry-stone walls, of which many abandoned but just as many, still today, cultivated with vines.

Last testimonies of a rural tradition that here, is hard to die despite the progress of tourism, for which Pomonte is a precious pearl. Realising the reasons is easy: it is sufficient to look around yourself to seize the wild beauty of the place. Wherever you look you get lost in the immensity and in the silence of the spaces that open on Mount San Bartolomeo on one side and the sea on the other side.

Nothing in Pomonte passes unnoticed and everything is so picturesque, from the houses, which are small and white, in typical Mediterranean style, to the shingles of the beach. Then the tamarisks of “Via del Mare” that, with their knotty contortions, seem to bow to the show that the sunset offers every evening.

It is a town at the foot of the mountains, on the west coast of Elba Island, a small village that kept itself out of the swim of mass tourism, still offering a simple and precious hospitality to who, during holidays, would like to find especially the same quiet and peace of the times when Elba Island was still undiscovered.

Pomonte, a small town that was once inhabited mostly by fishermen and farmers turned today into a beach-tourism resort with hiking area without losing the charm of the old world, and to make you feel you breathe the atmosphere of the past, as if time had stood still.

Pomonte offers visitors many services such as bars, pubs, pizzerias, tobacconists, newsagents, butchers, restaurants, shops with beach articles, market, bakery, bank with ATM, post office, pharmacy, medical service for the tourism 24/24 and rental of parasols and sun loungers on the beach, which is only 150 meters from the hotel away.

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