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The Costa del Sole, especially the stretch of sea between Pomonte and Chiessi, is a popular meeting point for windsurfers and kitesurfersNumerous rallies and competitions take place throughout the year, including tests of the Coppa Italia Formula Windsurfing and the Italian Slalom Tour Windsurfing.

Kayaking, on the other hand, is the ideal way to enjoy the charms of our coast while immersing yourself in the sounds of the sea. Paddling along the coast you can discover coves, hidden caves and impressive wild beaches, some of which are only accessible by sea. Our hotel works with the support of specialized guides so that you can live all the magic of this dream experience.

The underwater excursion takes place in dive sites whose scenery is among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, full of submerged wrecks, shoals, landslides, fish of incredible variety and colorful walls… For those who want to start discovering the wonders of the underwater world, it is possible to follow a diving course at different levels with the issuance of an international patent at the Diving Center in Pomonte.

In addition to all PADI didactic courses, Diving Pomonte offers the possibility of being accompanied by an underwater guide/biologist to the Elviscot wreck and many other excursions Bio-snorkeling and offers tank rental and refill services for certified divers.

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