The shipwreck of Pomonte, a cargo ship of 65 m., which sank in 1972, is near the reef of Ogliera, lying at a depth of only 12 metres on the sandy seabed, and it became one of the tourists’ main attractions.

It is one of the few dives possible at Elba Island without using a boat. You leave from the small beach of Pomonte to reach the nearby reef of Ogliera, where, on the left side the hull of the ship Elviscott is lying, sank because of a violent heavy sea that pushed it against the rocks of the coast.

Among the knee plates, you can see sea-eels, blacktails and octopuses while the light reflexes, that the sunrays create penetrating from the portholes, create ideal effects for unusual pictures.

The exploration of the Elviscott is easy thanks to the reduced depth that donates luminosity and transparency. It is a splendid dive for all divers, even for those who have been practicing this sport not for so long.